MPP 013: EDM Music Photography, finding a niche you can make a living in and touring with a dance act (feat. Nathan Doran)

Nathan and I started doing music photography at about the same time in the same scene. We've taken completely different paths though. From his HXC moshxcore br00tal beginnings, he branched off into the nightclub scene and naturally into EDM music. It was a good move for him to say the least. 

In this session we talk about his life and career (so far) working full time for the EDM group SCNDL, touring internationally and his path from shooting clubs to stadiums. 

Something I really am into about Nathan's pics is his editing style. It's always been super bright and vivid and very clean. We discuss this at length and how he's managed to stick with this despite everyone's taste being with film emulations at the moment.

You can check out Nathan's website here: and I also highly recommend his instagram where he is probably most active.

Thanks for the chat, bruh!