MPP 010: Past and present editing trends, tagging metadata and the benefits of working a second job (Feat. Markus Ravik)

Markus surprised me by how humble and softly spoken he was in this episode. I guess I expected a big explosive personality by seeing his big photographs. 

There are a few ways he breaks the mold of what most of my music photography are doing.

Firstly he is highly qualified. He's finished one degree and is completing another which explains the very sound photography fundamentals you'll see in these pics. Secondly, he shoots for publicationS (plural) - a lot of them. In this session we talk about spreading out your connections and work over a number of different outlets to get access to the best possible jobs.

We also cover other cool topics like the importance of metadata, the benefits of working a second job (non photography) and the past and present editing trends in music photography.

You can find Markus's work at

All his socials and email adress are linked up there also. I would definitely recommend finding him on instagram where he is most active @markusravik

I hope you enjoyed this session and I apologise for not getting one up last week. To make up for it I'll be posting a second one in a few days time, a shorter "inbetweenisode". If you enjoy the format of the mid week show let me know and we can make it a regular thing.

Thanks for listening and shoot well this week