012: Getting the best out of someone and making killer portraits (Feat. Caitlin Boland)

Caitlin (also known as KTB) shoots and edits different to most other photographers I know. Where in most other 2015 portfolios you might see faded, grainy and washed out tones KTB uses contrast and colour in her edits and her Alien Bees strobes to give you punch that Ali would be proud of.

Personally Ive felt over the last 12 months or so I've been losing my way in terms of post production. Seeing Caitlin's recent portraits has resonated with me though. Firstly they remind me of what got me inspired to use strobes in the first place. And secondly, that clean, colourful edits are a-okay and film emulation is the not the be all end all.

In this episode we talk about making someone comfortable who isn't used to have their picture taken, shooting portraits with strobes and retouching workflow/how to edit skin. The latter in particular is something that really interests me. 

The below pic is one of the creative personal projects we discuss towards the end of the session. KTB has a butt load of killer self portraits that she makes to keep her skills sharp and scratch the creative itch. 

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You can find KTB's portfolio and contact details at ktbdesign.net

And you can follow her on the old 'gram @ktbsaysrelax

Thanks for listening and I'll see you in the next episode!