MPP 016: Candid music photo conversation with Jared Leibowitz

This episode is super laid back and unstructured. But probably one of the most enjoyable to make.

Main image by: Ian Laidlaw

Main image by: Ian Laidlaw

A couple of months ago, my buddy Jared hit me on Facebook with a couple of questions in prep for his upcoming overseas trip. I told him save it and we could jump on Skype to record another episode for anyone else that might find it useful or interesting. 

I think some people might enjoy it, others perhaps not. That's okay though, it was more of a dialogue than an interview.

Jared was of course on Episode 6 of the podcast, you can go back and find that here:

Jared's other links:

@jaredleibowitz on the gram, and website is here.

Later skater