MPP 011: Being persistent but not annoying and approaching publications (Feat. Adam Davis-Powell)

Like many creatives and freelancers I know that are hustling to make a living, Adam works a day job. His day job happens to be head shoulders way cooler than just about anyone else I know though. 

Chief photographer and head of video production at Moshcam, Adam has a bunch of responsibilities that have put him in the path of some great artists and industry peeps. He also runs a freelance photo/video business under the name Demon Race Productions.

Most notably he did that rad Hellions video that came out recently(ish).

In this session we talk about how he landed his sweet moshcam gig by being persistent but not annoying, moving here from the UK and working a soul crushing job to put food on the table and also some things to consider when approaching a publication.

You can find Adam's work at and he's active on facebook and instagram too @demonrace.

Thanks for listening as always, shoot well this week!

love Peej