36 Frame Cheap Camera Challenge (Part 1)

I recently got my hands on my old nikon d5000, which my first ever DSLR from 7 years ago. It's a funny old thing to shoot now especially after shooting a full frame canon body for some time now.

One thing that I see all new photographers have in common is having nothing to shoot. I was that guy too, shooting the flowers in my back yard and chasing my dog and family members around to take test shots. This challenge is me trying to prove first that I can still take great photos on minimum (and old) gear but also that if you have the eye for composition and light you make photos out of just about anything. 

The Challenge rules are as follows:
- Walk down the street and with planned subject matter, make the best possible photos in only 36 frames.
- Shoot my old camera (Nikon D5000 w/18-55mm kit lens)
- Shoot and edit in Jpeg only

Here is the first half (18 photos) of the challenge) 


If you would like to get involved in the challenge, you can submit your 36 frames to the Legends Club facebook group :)

Part two is coming next week, and in my opinion it's even better than part one!

Peej x