Overcoming gear lust and my self imposed gear limitations



Time and again, I fall into that terrible cycle of gear lust. Always looking to something newer and better. It's a first world affliction that is satisfied for a week at a time when we get the new piece for the collection, before our sights are changed to the next.


My favourite way to put it in perspective is this; find someone with the same gear as you who is absolutely rocking the crap out of it.

Most recently the x100s. I love this camera, I travelled with it early last year and bring it around socially wherever possible. 

Its also collected a bit of dust as I haven't used it in quite a few months. After making a couple of videos with it and re reading old blog posts from David Hobby and Zack Arias, I'm as determined as ever to create with it though. 

Here are my main tips:

1) Search Flickr groups for your piece of gear - find the best photos you can in that group and follow that person. If someone else can knock it out of the park with you have then you will know that it's only a mental barrier holding you back.

2) Go back and read reviews about when this item was introduced. It's still the same camera/lens/strobe/softbox/etc... exactly the same. It hasn't gotten worse and it still makes produces the same results. Hell look at the original DSLR cameras. 1-5mp sensors and people shot multi million $$$ campaigns and billboards on those things!

3) Play to the strengths of that piece of gear. In the x100s example, shooting a show with it would probably make me hate it. It's autofocus is not made for that sort of thing, it's just too slow. Making killer strobist style portraits though? or taking mad good pics of your mates at a BBQ. Hell yeah. 

4) Find someone making the pictures you want to make. What limitations are there on you making those pictures. Is it hardware (gear) or is this person just editing better than you. I feel like 99% of the time you can level up your photos instantly with a better edit. Jump online, do some research, learn new skills. 

Thanks for reading! I'm also going to link below some recent videos i've made with my x100s, I've been using my youtube channel as an excuse to create and push myself with the small body.